Eastenders Live!

So many of you may not have a clue what this post is about and many of you may have a clue but here we go.. My Eastenders Top 5 Points from Thursday 19th Feb 2015 LIVE EPISODE! The twitter feed with #EELive is going mad!


So do we really think it’s her? Or is she covering for someone? Or was that Cindy by the phone a trick? I personally think she is covering for someone. That is why Lauren sent to envelope to Jane eh? But then what are Abi and Max hiding? Ben? Maybe this was all an inside job.. a story of multiple murderers …. They all ganged up on her… She was arguing with billy when Lee saw her… Then went home where Someone hit her with a jewelry box, she went out, internal bleeding… BOOM! Fainted? Is that possible?


2. Kim and Kat 

The two Ks.. Neither can fake cry on the spot and Kim after labor? Surely a woman would be tired? Drained? Breathless? Achey? She seemed fine! Just a few droplets of sweat here and there?! And Kat on that bench trying to cry though? Classical. Wonderful actors both of them, but live isn’t their thing maybe?

3. Dot’s “Selfie”.

Yes, Dot Brannings, wait “Let me Take a Selfie” Moment.. She is a doll.. and if she does go down… I hope they show her in prison or visiting hours! This should be a laugh!

5. Richard whoever his name’s little line?

Was it just me or when Kim was in the ambulance and the camera went on him…. did he softly say do you want me to go or shall i go? Or something? Wasn’t he something to do with Ronnie? IS HE THE FATHER OF KIMS BABY?! :/ Or have  I missed something …

Now bring us the Flashback Easties!

#EastendersLiveWeek #WhoKilledLucy



The British Election and Politicians…

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Marketing on a new level.


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Business Lessons you can Learn from Dragons Den

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The art of selling; “Still open all Hours”

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Freshstart v2 and WHY you need a WP blog/site!

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As promised… Arbitrage EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!!


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