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So, to give you a boost start into your career I have a few tips on what makes a good writer!

1. Good Grammar, Punctuation and Sentence structure 

This is a personal pet peeve, hut also released it is a common error a lot of people make when they write. These three things are often over looked and could cost your clients! Grammar, Punctuation and Sentence structure is what makes an article/ Piece of writing and if the sentence doesn’t make sense, or is all over the place… Your articles will look spammy and less legit, and this is a HUGE set back in the industry!! So ALWAYS ensure you double check these 3 things :)

2, Purpose for writing 

It is important to know what the purpose is, why are yo writing what you are writing? Is it to inform? Promote? Explain? Is it a journal? A Press release? A article for a blog? A informational article for a website? One must always keep the purpose in mind (There may be more than one), and ensure the article follows that style. FOR EXAMPLE;If you are writing a article for an online fashion magazine about a fashion event, your purpose is most likely to inform. To inform the audience of the magazine about the event, but it could also be to entertain, in the sense that don’t bore them with ALL the nitty gritty details, you need to keep your readers hooked (Thats a universal rule for all articles).

3. Know your topic

This is a common mistake amongst many, because of the worldwide web, everybody thinks they can be an expert in everything. If you don’t know anything about the topic, don’t write about it! The internet can’t give you everything, you must have at least a basic knowledge of the topic.


Don’t copy and paste from other sites or writers! Firstly it is illegal, secondly it is not morally right! Create your own content, based on your OWN knowledge and research. It is okay to refer to other people and quote them, give credit where due, but don’t completely take someone else’s work.

5. Don’t Drag out point, be concise and “To the point” 

There is no need to go into every second detail, try not to waffle. Make sure you get your point across, don’t write a story, unless asked too!

Writing-jobs is available all over the world and offers great articles jobs from Press releases to Niche articles like health, fitness, and professional work like business plans and marketing plans. They connect you, you search your job, write… AND GET PAID?! 

You will be connected with clients like Fox, BBC, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, GEEKDAD, TimeOut and much much more!!


So what ar you waiting for? Start your writing career now!

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