Top ten newbie mistakes!

Hi guys,

I have not posted in a while because I have been off sick and had family visiting me in Dubai. So today as I sat at my desk I thought its high time I get back on it!

So rcently I have been connecting with a lot of newbies, a lot of people contacting me about how I started and what I do or where I fit in the IM world or how they can get started and Kjs Coaching, So today I wanted to outline a few mistakes newbies are making, some you may have heard of or experienced yourself, some you may stand still and think about and some you may not agree with, but heres my top 10 newbie mistakes!

1. Focus and Passion

This industry is for many a getaway from a boring 9-5 job or the “norm” shall we say? But that doesn’t mean you can throw yourself at everything and anything and do a bit of this here, bit of that there… if you can as a newbie, hats off, well done. However, I have seen that a lot of newbies don’t have ONE focus, they want to do everything! It is best to find something you have a passion for, something you enjoy and know a lot about already and focus on that one thing than try and do a million things and fail. As the saying goes, it’s better do one thing and get it right than a million things and get it wrong. So find a focus, something you have a genuine passion for and follow that!

2. Trial and Error 

Although this may seem like it is contradicting the above, it’s not about trialing a million DIFFERENT THINGS, you can trial many things with one focus, for example; find a niche, trial the traffic sources, different offers, different platforms, different methods of tracking your offer… but for that ONE NICHE. As Thomas Edison wisely said; “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 things that do not work.” So keep one focus niche or topic area or methods and trial and error what makes it profitable or work for you.

3. I want money NOW! 

The Quick bucks crew. These kind of newbies are common newbies; people who are struggling or need urgent money and think this industry is their way out… It MAY BE your way out, but any “quick buck” method that gets you a 20,30, heck a 100 or a few hundred over night or in a few days won’t last long! If you are looking for a quick buck, auction your jumble, don’t think IM is the easy door. If you want a sustainable business that will support you long term, you need to work hard my friend… and although hard may or may not be your 9-5 job, even a few hours a day of REAL EFFORT can do it… you just need to have the drive to succeed long term, not just for that first hundred to pay off a bill that you can’t afford with your day job, change your mentality and be willing to read, learn and connect.


A lot of newbies NEGLECT the amount of free info and networking tools available… One of the biggest is the Warrior Forums search tool. You can search almost ANYTHING and I bet someone or the other has asked or discussed it, take advantage of free info and again, read, research, connect with successful people! I know many successful people who love chatting to newbies to guide them on the right path, don’t waste your money on cheap WSO’s if you don’t know the basics… If you have the money, Hire a mentor!

5. Socialize! 

So we have all been in your place and many of us love telling the stories, talk to people! There are so many social media platforms, groups, forums that you can join and I am sure you will find lots of experienced individuals who would love to share what went wrong when they started for you to learn from! Then there’s the people who will try to sell you something… About that… Not all of it is bad. You just need to make sure you question the HELL out of anyone who tried to sell you something on first conversation! Be careful but have your guards down there is some good people out there genuinely wanting to help :) I will be running a “Get social” webinar/workshop later in the year for those who need the push or help. Keep your eyes peeled!




6. Branding

This is very important, once you have decided on a name for yourself or for your niche, stick to it! Don’t try and be a million people or sell a million different niches! Social media, forums, pages, blogs.. keep it all the same and try get the same name for them all :)

7. Poor content writing skills

Now many people will tell you this isn’t important or they had poor English skills or whatever when they started but in today’s day and age it is crucial. A lot of people base their decisions to buy something on reviews or content related to the product and if that is poorly written, that my friend is a major turn off! Another thing is people who highlight or bold keywords, naturally insert them, people want honest and on a level content, not some mumbo jumbo crazy bold, italics, all different fonts and sizes! Keep it simple my friend!

8. Dedication

A lot of newbies give up after a few weeks of nothing, they lose interest and consistency, these are two key factors to ensure dedication, this is why we all say it is important to do something you enjoy or truly have a passion for. You are less likely to give up! Make a plan, brainstorm with a few experienced marketers and ask for advice, then follow that plan! Many blogs on the web are left after a few posts or just covered in ads and pictures, no real content!

9. Mr lonely

Some may disagree with this but I have spoken to many experienced marketers and they regret walking a lonely road… It is important to share your ideas, brainstorm with someone and discuss your ideas. Some may think “Oh but what if the other person steals my ideas?” Yes you need to be careful but the world has a lot of honest people out there, you need to find them and learn to trust people! Everything is so much better when  you share, because sharing is caring!

10. Shameless promotion, or is it?

Although similar to the above, it is a bit different? many newbies will try and do everything themselves because they are ashamed to ask for help or don’t want to fork out money for a mentor… A qualified mentor like KJ Rocker  can help you avoid these mistakes and many more, so why go through the stress when someone is there for a helping hand..? But again, question the HELL out of any mentor and look at reviews about them and ask to speak to past students if you want to, if they’re genuine they will pass you over to one right?

So there we have it …  A few points for you to ponder upon.. I didn’t want to go into too much on this post because there will be more to follow for all you newbies out there!

I would love to hear what mistakes you have made or are making or what you think, so don’t hesitate to comment below! :)


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