Choosing the right “shipper”

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So as you may know I am starting a series about drop shipping, I want to educate you all about how it can help you earn that little more, be that little side business you always pined. So I have teamed up with a friend who offers all the information you need, a full blown course to get you connected and educated with all the necessities to start this small side business. But I started this series to give you an insight about drop shipping and help you to decid why you should spend your money on this fantastic course. 



So if you haven’t read my previous posts you can find the links at the end of this post, but this post is a quick run through as to what kind of shipper you should be looking for when starting a drop shipping business.


Communication is a key in every aspect of life and this business is not an exception. You need to make sure you have a clear communication path between you and your manufacturer or “shipper”. Contact must be available when needed, because if something goes wrong, your name is on that parcel or package, your reputation is on the line and this can affect further sales, so make sure you can contact your shipper easily. These days there is so many communication tools online and offline, its best to keep a bit of both, a number and an e-mail.


Some shippers may have less quality than what you might expect, and heir reason? It’s cheap, but don’t be fooled and go down that road, if it means you need to pay a bit more for that bit more quality, do it! You can always regain profits with sales you make to customers, but NEVER compromise on quality, because again, this could ruin your reputation.


Make sure it is somebody well known, talk to the shipper and make sure they ship using a trusted shipping company. like UPS, FEDEX or maybe the ROYAL MAIL (UK). Ensure your customer feels satisfied before they even but that order in… because they won’t be blaming the shipper for late orders or wrong addresses, they place the order with you, they will be blaming YOU. Avoid any mistakes by clearing their shipping success and company at the beginning.


You may not want to think about this in the start, but it never harms to find out if they ship internationally, after all, the WORLD wide web is your oyster, it is your turf to promote, why not reach further and open out?


Does your shipper allow customers to track their orders? A tracking tool is always good because the customer knows where their product is and when, it gains their trust and you can also track whats going on for your records. Like tracking is important to us in campaigns because we spend money on them, your customers will want to know where their money is at.

Another thing is confirmation of order, you need to clear whether that’s your responsibility or the shipper does it, you don’t want to confuse your customer with two emails from different addresses.


So there we have it a few tips to ensure you have the right channels for your small business set up.


If you want to learn more check out ANTHONS DROP SHIPPING COURSE. It is surely something many have learnt an earn from.




Note: here is our Introductory post and also benefits of drop shipping.  



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