YouTube AD-vantage : Driving traffic without those expensive toll gates!

Hi everybody,

Today I would like to introduce you to YouTube AD-Vantage, a software that will rake in traffic without you having to pay out a huge toll gate charge. So by “Toll gate charge” I mean it won’t cost you hundreds to get that targeted traffic your campaign needs!

Firstly, lets talk about YouTube and how it can help you hit your targets? What features and Qualities does YT have that you can suck up? How do we (As Internet Marketers) benefit from YT? YouTube attract millions of visitors each week, thousands each day, there will always be people around the global using the site. Now although YT is not a “Social Networking site” like Facebook or Twitter, where one can directly interact with traffic, it does have its direct link… Via other peoples videos! YouTube has introduced it’s on video ads and we can now bid on keywords that people search for, and instead of a test Ad like google, we get a thumbnail or video ad! So what does all this have to do with getting you targeted, cheap, 3 minute leads?


So how do I do this you ask? Simple, 5 simple steps…


1.Pick Search Criteria

This means you need to chose what you are searching for, who you are aiming it at, why you want a certain criteria,  YouTube Ad-Vantage‘s guides will help you make the right choice!

2.Video Search

Next you need to find the videos you want to advertise on, use the above step to determine which video and get searching using the excellent software available when you get this product!

3.Channel Search

To further your ad, play around with your keywords or niche on different channels, you never know what these YouTubers are talking about until you see! Each YouTuber will have a channel where all their videos are posted collectively. So you can’t judge a YouTuber until you have discovered their channel, be aware and alert!

4.Keyword Research

The next stop is to research your keyword across the board, make sure you play around and cover all aspects, extensive training will be given by the all knowing YouTube AD-vantage! 

5.Place Your “Niche Targeted Keyword” & Get Paid!

All systems set!

YouTube Ad-Vantage allows you to not only learn cost effective and highly efficient advertising strategy, but it also allows you to gain laser target traffic research, get the heads up on YouTube advertising and liquidate your campaigns! This software allows you to search specific videos in your niche or using your chosen key words, research and target! You can search by channel, related keyword or even direct video search…this then allows you to do the proper keyword research, with the video keyword analysis tool. The software will teach you all these skills step by step to make sure you get what you desire within minutes! It is 100% newbie friendly and destined to achieve YOUR goals.



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