Freshstart v2 and WHY you need a WP blog/site!

So today I wanted to rant and rave about the importance of having a blog or site… and tell you a bit about how Ankur Shuklas new FRESHSTART V2 can help you out to get going!

So here are my top 10 reasons why you need a blog or site! Every successful affiliate marketer will tell you that you need a blog or site, this tny investment could make your millions ONE DAY.. If you keep up with content, be consistent, give your readers the right content, etc…


1.    You have your own space

You can share your ideas and promote your products freely on your own land!

2.    Traffic has a route

You have a place to send all that traffic you have been working on… somewhere that will help you with number 3,6 and 9!

3.    Branding

This is an important aspect and self branding is becoming more and more popular, a blog or site will boost yourself, which means it will boost your brand! (In no particular order).

4.    Relationships

You can network because people recognize you due to your blog/site, it is easier to portray your style and who you are on a large scale, rather than explaining it every time you meet a new person!

5.    Helping hand

You will be helping others to, be it in your information or products/services you sell, you can reach out to people first hand!

6.    Re-targeting

It is easier to re-target because once you can be consistent and provide good content, people will return and you can re-target those very people who keep coming back!

7.    Educate

You can use it for many reasons but one of the best is to educate, help others learn about a certain topic or event.

8.    Let your brain juices flow

This is one of the most important, you can be as creative as you want without having to cross check too much!

9.    Rake in some money

You can promote products easier and not have to worry about the nitty gritty details of it all.

10.  An easy marketing platform

You have your own platform to promote and sell, it is a great marketing tool!


So there’s my top 10, now i have something special to get you started!

Making a blog can be tedious and long, the general “Set up” can be a bore because you want to jump right in right? Well with “FreshStart V2” You can do just that! This special WordPress Plug in allows you to skip the nitty gritty set up jobs and jump straight into the exciting part!

You don’t need to do all those mundane boring set up jobs manually, there’s no complicated training tasks tat will confuse you, its simple and ticks off everything as its done! There is step by step help and its 100% newbie friendly.. so anyone can use it!

Personally I saved a LOT of time and I just wanted to share my little secret…

Stay tuned for an interview with the creator soon!





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