Why is video and social marketing so important?

Over the past week I have worked with many newbies and fresh marketers on the importance of video marketing and how your business and campaigns can benefit from video and social marketing. So here are our Top Tips and Reasons from our final focus session on Friday!

Instant connection (If the video contains a human presence) 

By creating videos about your product/service you can instantly connect with your audience and build a connection, which is very important to generate leads and bag those sales. If you build a connection with your audience, they are more likely to not only share your video with others, but they are more likely to remember what you said and relate to it.

Videos arouse Emotions

From curiosity to confidence, entertainment and trust. A video can arouse emotions in a person. It allows your service/product to be more trusted because it is being portrayed by real people in their real lives. Everybody loves watch videos, whether it is to learn, just for fun or for a specific purpose, the more they watch your videos, the more they watch you, the more likely your leads are likely to convert. Adding to this it will drive curiosity to find out more about you, your product/service and business as a whole!

You don’t need a DSLR or studio to make a good video 

Although many videos are made in studios with professional cameras and camera men/women, the technology of today has allowed us to avoid these costs and create videos from our mobile devices such as phones and the inexpensive digital cameras. A lot of people in the focus group had created initial videos on their phones or digital cameras in their own homes or surrounding locations.


More focus 

Over 60% of people who watch videos watch more than 3/4 of the video vs people who read content. This shows that a video is more likely to keep a persons attention retained, which will most likely result in your leads generating into sales.

The rise is Video-Technology

There is a lot of tools and types of technology you can use to make, edit and enhance your videos. A lot of software developers do extensive research in how the video experience can be improved for both viewers and creator. With so much to choose from, you have to get on board!

Another thing we explored in our focus session is SOCIAL ENGAGE . After highlighting the importance of video marketing we highlighted 3 tools one could use to boost our videos, and this is the one we thought is the best!

Everybody is on Social Media

Today everybody has a Facebook account, is a member of a group on Facebook or is ‘Liking” pages, it is the quickest and most efficient way to reach a large audience quickly. Sharing is caring and people are more likely to share videos than posts!

Improve Feedback and Customer Service 

Social Media offers lots of tools to get back to your customers and keep in contact with them, connecting through a video, and them then sharing that video can create a base for the relationship you can create with that potential lead!

Growing connections

One can gain business connections easier. A lot of businesses and even small set-ups are now on Facebook and other social media platforms, so you can socialize with other people in your industry, learn more from them and teach your skills, you can find people easier with Facebook’s advanced searching tools; people, place, keywords for pages and much more!

This revolutionary product is designed to make your videos social ready! It allows you to ad ANNOTATIONS,BANNERS, SIGNS, AND OPT IN FORMS onto your videos you share on social Platforms such as Facebook! it allows you to grab those leads and their details, grab their attention, but also bag a sale… because as many of you know, you can read an article or watch a video… but you can’t guarantee that lead to convert without instant action! Social engage allows you to give your leads instant opt in options and much more!


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